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Turbulent Mixing and Coalescence

Working at the confluence of hydrodynamics, physics and chemistry, our  “Turbulent Mixing” technology has application to many industries and industrial plants.  The proven technology quickly demonstrates operational and capital cost savings for customers.

Complementing existing separation and mixing technology, Turbulent Mixers are custom designed for each process, to deliver a mathematically calculated turbulent regime with the desired mixing and drop distribution properties. This enables efficient mixing and nearly complete rapid separation of liquid/liquid systems and emulsions.

Mixer Assembly
Large Mixer


  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Liquid Extraction (SX)
  • Crude Oil Desalting
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Crude Oil Production
Processes having explicit or implicit mixing of water with oil or other organic liquids, followed by separation can benefit from our proprietary Turbulent Mixing technology.  For example, implicit mixing can occur during pressure reduction.
Retrofit for existing plants: 
  • Installing a Turbulent Mixer in an existing plant is usually simple. It can be installed in any existing mixing tank, (replacing baffles, shaft and impeller, and often the motor too). 

  • The improved mixing and separation characteristics after installation may be used to increase throughput, to improve the quality of the separation (less residual/entrainment), or some combination thereof.

  • No process changes are normally needed to gain the benefits, thus there is very low risk of any disruption to production.

New plants or expansions:
  • Including Turbulent Mixing in your plant design can often reduce both CapEx and OpEx.

  • Reduced settler volume is possible to lower CapEx of new facilities.

  • May enable utilization of gravity settlers instead of costly centrifuges for some applications.

  • Construction from metals, plastic or exotic materials as needed.

  • Reduced investment and maintenance costs for downstream treatment equipment – separators, filters, adsorbers or after-settlers.

  • Improved plant availability and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Less contamination of product.

  • Fewer organic traces in waste aqueous streams.


​​Our technology is not suitable for municipal waste treatment plants due to the unpredictable and rapidly changing characteristics of the liquid flows.​ 

The solution for each customer is tailored to the process specifics, and you may use your existing suppliers and contractors for installation, or work with one of our partners.  If you are uncertain about the applicability of our solutions to your needs, please contact us to discuss if we can help.

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